The Live Room

The Live Room presents the very best live folk, roots and acoustic music. It’s our booking policy to feature a challenging and stimulating mix of artists, some with world-wide reps, some cult heroes, others up-and-coming, but all outstanding in their field.

We believe that The Live Room @ Caroline Social Club in Saltaire is the best live music club in Bradford, as an informal, intimate, and friendly venue such as Caroline’s makes the ideal environment in which to enjoy the artists we present.

Having spent over fifteen years as live music promoters, we are confident that The Live Room is a great addition to live music in Bradford.

The Live Room is the brainchild of Ron Dukelow and Hilary Booth, both experienced music promoters, who, for ten years were the driving force behind the highly successful Live at the Talbot series at the Talbot Hotel in Tregaron, West Wales.

The list of acts that appeared at the Talbot was long and varied, and included some great names, such as Gary US Bonds; Albert Lee; Big Bill Morganfield; Chip Taylor; Duke Special; and many others

We bring this same ethos to The Live Room @ Caroline Social Club to make it the best regular folk and roots music venue in Bradford.

If you have a suggestion for an artist to play here, do get in touch. We can’t promise that we’ll be able to present them, but we’ll consider all ideas.